Personal Income Tax

Income tax preparation is complicated, requiring not only a thorough understanding of the constantly changing tax code but also adequate time to
prepare the required forms. Even if you use software to prepare your own return, many deductions and credits are commonly overlooked.

During the free initial consultation, we will begin the process by talking with you and asking a lot of questions. Why do we do this? To get an in-depth understanding
of what you do so we can apply every legitimate deduction to your tax return and minimize your tax liability.

We will explain what is allowable as a deduction and what is not. We will talk about your plans for the future and determine how we can structure your activities in order to minimize your tax exposure for the upcoming year. We will make suggestions on how you can adjust your withholding to get more money back each week. This allows for you to keep more of your money and let it work for you
rather than providing the IRS with an interest free loan.

Individual Income Tax Return